Advanced Micro Precision Components

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Precision Components

We can bring customized micro precision and accuracy to your industry leading designs.
Our partners have been carefully selected based on their reputation to deliver high-quality cutting-edge parts, which include:

Micro Fabrication Parts

Customizable down to 0.3 cubic mm (0.00002 cubic in) and smaller.

Micro Precision Tubes

Customizable down to 0.05mm OD, 0.03mm ID, SS304.

Micro Needles

Customizable down to 0.001mm (.00004”) in diameter.

Industries Served

Medical Device

Micro Electronics


Many More

About Us

Pushing the boundaries of extreme precision to help you make your designs a reality

We help bring your ideas to market

Advanced Micro Precision, “AMP” works with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 13485 Certified and Class ISO-7 Clean Room enabled specialists that produce unique and precise parts that are tailored to meet the sophisticated design needs of industry leaders in the medical device, micro electronics, and semiconductor industries. All parts are produced in carefully selected Japanese factories that are capable of highly customizable solutions on the sub-micron scale, while maintaining the highest levels of quality standards. AMP facilitates the design, customization, inspection, measurement, and timely delivery of your parts. We are with you every step of the way, including the audit process, to ensure your parts meet rigorous internal and external quality control standards. If you have a design need that requires complex shapes or extreme miniaturization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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